Our Philosophy

Azura is the result of a vision which evolved from countless experiences in the financial world and a myriad of discussion with our partners and clients over as many years.

Azura’s goal is to provide a service which relies on three key elements. Ethical deals executed in moral form whilst always maintaining the key principles of business.

Those experiences often came back to a simple theme and so clients had two clear demands from their advisers – alignment of interest and added value.

Whilst questioning our client’s needs, the basic response would be to have “Open architecture asset management”, rather than pushing ‘in-house’ products. However, and perhaps more importantly, today’s clients are much more sophisticated and demand ‘out of the box’ private capital deal origination and a sturdy independent advisory capability.

Our partners have joined Azura following outstanding careers at major financial institutions, predominantly due to wanting a working environment which enables a bespoke service, driven purely by client needs and wants. 

To achieve these goals, the interests of Azura will always be a team effort, rather than individual glory, hence creating a platform for a more stable and sustainable result.

Whilst Azura is fully regulated and embraces the rules, its dependence is on finding viable solutions. This methodology therefore demands dual transparency on private capital deals, which will create principal value for all parties alike. 

These principles are the fundamental backbone of Azura, to creating a new kind of financial advisory business. Their realisation is in result and not rhetoric. 

As chairman, this is my goal and my promise – in providing a service that both our clients and partners can be totally proud of.

Ali Jamal, Founder and Chairman

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